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Coating research

Coating research interested in:
- Research in blades cleaning from any impurities on edge of blades.
- Adhesion of lubricant coating
- Measurement of adhesion of lubricant coating on edge of blades by using special friction test in certain substrate by using powerful hardware and software programs to analyze of resultant data which indicate:
- Evaluation of adhesion of lubricant coating on edge of blades
- life of lubricant coating after many shave
- Research in chromium plating to enhance and improve the corrosion resistance of the blade edges and aids in the adhesion of lubricant coating to the steel substrate
- Research in coating applied materials is to enhance blades shave ability.

Data Acquisition ( DAQ ) System Research

Control & Monitoring:
- Control systems get real world signals into the computer these signals come from a diverse range of instruments, sensors and each type of signal needs special consideration.
- Signal conditioning done such amplification, isolation, filtration, linearization to improve the signal and converted into form that the DAQ board can be measure.
- Powerful software for programming and control DAQ hardware.
- LORD interested in DAQ system to control and monitoring of furnaces profile and control of on line machines showing the productivity and status of machines ,etc.

Image Analysis And Machine Vision Research

Capturing and grabbing life image using high resolution camera on the production line using a powerful software, where a quality control and measuring dimensions ,etc. are to be done on-line during manufacturin g process, this system decided very fast on the measurements and the decision made very fast to correct for the manufacturing parameters so the best quality is attained.

Metallurgy Research

- Microstructure investigation in metallurgical lab. using powerful hardware and software programs for image analysis system to examine received steel and after heat treatment of stee.l
- Investigation on different type of etchant to reveal the microstructure and carbide of steel before and after heat treatment.
- Research in metallurgical properties of steel using microstructure investigation.
- Research to improve corrosion resistance of steel.

Surface Roughness Texture Research

Research on surface roughness texture to improve the performance of production processes and surface finish of blades using a powerful surface texture instruments for measurements.

What Is Stainless Steel?

- Stainless steel is steel alloy improved with chromium content, with or without other alloy additions. The stainlessness and corrosion resistance of these alloy steels are attributed to the presence of the passive oxide film on the surface . When exposed to conditions that remove the passive oxide film , stainless steels are subjected to corrosive attack. The rate at which a stainless steel develops a passive film in the atmosphere depends on its chromium content.
- The three common grades of stainless steel are martensitic, ferritic and austenitic, Four specialty grades are precipitation, hardening, super austenitic, superferritic, and duplex.