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Princess Alexandra, first cousin of Queen Elizabeth, inaugurate The First stainless steel razors blade factory in Egypt and Middle East 1978

In 1981, "Wilkinson Match" – based in the United Kingdom, sold its share in "Wilkinson Sword Middle East" to "Soliman's" Family currently "LORD International", which was launched with Wilkinson Sword technology to more than 70 countries around the globe to be presently considered as one of the six major companies operating in the international market of Wet Shaving.

LORD is cordially upholding a wide flexible spectrum of wet shaving products for both sex, including DE Blades, Single, Twin, Triple blade disposables, 5 Blades & Systems under own brands (LORD, ASCO, Big BEN, SHARK, …etc),

LORD also produce "Private Label" line of wet shaving products to a considerable number of Super Market Chains in Europe, North & South America.

LORD not only supply its products at highly competitive rates, but also with its outstanding expertise, and quick responsiveness, without trading off between the price and the quality of our products, and in parallel to sustaining the punctuality of our delivery services.

The above is clearly reflected on the current policy of our company, which is achieved through clear leadership throughout the globe in the categories of both basic and innovative shaving products.