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    How Do I Take Care Of My Razor ?

  • Try to keep it out of water when not being used .the excess water will dissolve the lubricating strip, and could cause the blades to wear.
  • Let the blades air dry-dry when you are done shaving to prevent wear, never wipe them, as this can cause the blades to dull prematurely.
  • Always rinse the hair and soap from the blades to keep it in tip top shape.

How Many Shaves Should I get Per Blade ? Depending on the persons hair and shaving condition. Changing your razor or cartridge often helps give a close more comfortable shave, in addition the lubricating strip will dissipate with use.

How Many Times Can I use One Blade ? This depends greatly on the individual and the thickness or coarseness of the hair. Some prefer to change a blade after using it once or twice, others after 3-4 times while many expected between 5 to 7 uses.

How Often Should I Shave ? The best to shave every day or close to it because your skin needs to stay accustomed to the process.

Should I use long or short strokes ? When going with the hair growth a long continuous stroke with no stopping is best, but when you shaving against the hair growth you might want to use a combination of long and short strokes, finally use short strokes as a finishing technique.

What Causes The Razor Burn ? Try to avoid the plain soap and be sure to use plenty of moisturizing shaving cream or gel and definitely let the blade air-dry when you are finished.

What Dose The ( Lubricating ) Strip Do ? The lubra strip when activated by water provides for more lubrication and moisture while shaving allowing the blades to glide on the skin, which make the shave more comfortable and decrease the risk of irritation.

    What the difference between a disposable and a triple system?

  • The disposables are great because you actually have a choice the fixed versus the swivel disposable is simply a matter of personal preference , typically thicker hair growth is more easily managed by the fixed head, while people with hair that’s more fine prefer the swivel ,disposable can be convenient for short trips.
  • The triple blade razor system gives a closer, smoother shave in fewer stocks, reduce the risk of skin irritation, nicks, cuts and available for women.

    What’s So Special About Triple Blade System?

  • A triple blade gives you a closer, smoother shave in fewer strokes, which means you reduce the risk of irritation, nicks and cuts.
  • Because you need to take fewer strokes, the triple blade should give the user more shaves per cartridge.

What’s The Best Direction To Shave ,With Or Against The Hair ? Shaving in the direction of the hair growth will give the most comfortable shave, but not closest shaving against the hair will give the closest shave but increase the risk of skin irritation. each person needs to decide which works best for them.